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For food- and feed emergencies outside office hours, please contact 0031 6 27 20 53 60.
This number may only be called in case of emergencies which are related to food- and feed safety issues. For all other issues (e.g. commercial and logistic related) contact our general telephone number or your primary contact within Hoogwegt.

Next to food and feed safety related emergencies, the emergency phone can be used for confidential reporting of unethical business ethics. In case you observe that Hoogwegt or one of its partners is showing unethical business ethics, you can contact Hoogwegt via the emergency phone. All calls will be logged and investigated.

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Rogier Lankamp

Commercial Director


Olaf Willemsen

Logistics Director


Tamara Peeters

Head HR & Legal


Jurgen Boonstra

Finance Director


Gert-Jan Willemse

Commercial Director


Patrick van Leuven

Managing Director


International Export: Europe

Farah Kuppens


Sanne van Welij


Jegor Chamrai


Pieter Detmers


Pieter Kok


Danny Prangsma


Patrick van Leuven


International Export: Africa

Alexander Hoek


Guust van Susante


Yoran Ensing


Frank Maring


International Export: Middle-East

Geert Nijenhuis


Jurre Hijman


International Export: North Asia

Arjan Huizing


Ton van den Oever


Rogier Lankamp


International Export: North- and South America

Gert-Jan Willemse


Technical Sales Support

Annemarie Braber


John Bouwman


Erik Beugeling


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