Mission & vision


It is our mission to market and distribute dairy products and ingredients at the global level, to support our business partners with reliable market intelligence and financial and logistical solutions, and to create a motivating and dynamic environment for our employees.


Our vision is to play a leading role in the global dairy business, to provide added value for our clients and to be a reliable long-term partner for both customers and suppliers.

Core values

We try to add value to our customers’ businesses in everything we do. This means that our core values should also add value. Our core values reflect our ambition, mentality and beliefs. Four simple words, which connect the way we think, act and add.

  1. We add vision and value through commitment
  2. We add vision and value by acting in an ethical and honest manner
  3. We add vision and value through our personal relationships
  4. We add vision and value by taking responsibility

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Hoogwegt International

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